Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
   Northwind Chesapeakes are bred to be versatile sporting companions. They hunt waterfowl and upland birds, compete in hunt tests, rally, sprinter and obedience trials, and conformation shows. Some are simply treasured pets. 
   We are a small kennel located near North Gower, Ontario, Canada. For availability of puppies scroll down to the "Litters" section of this web page. 
   Producing Chesapeakes that meet the breed standard, are good in the field and live up to the distinction "man's best friend" is our goal.

About Chesapeakes: Are they the Right Breed for You?
   So, you're looking for the ultimate water dog or maybe an eager  companion for your outdoor adventures? A trained, well-bred Chesapeake can be a superb sporting dog and a devoted, fun-loving pet. They are intelligent, energetic and protective of their family and property. 
   However, the Chesapeake is not a breed for everyone.  They are best suited to an owner who has had positive experience with the breed or other large breeds and can provide the leadership, daily exercise, socialization, training and discipline that Chessies need to thrive.  
   Although physically tough and stoic, a Chesapeake's intelligence and excellent memory can make them sensitive to harsh treatment and training methods. They respond well to positive training methods and when treated firmly, but fairly, with patience, fun and a gentle hand

"Cheseapeakes are a hardy, intelligent breed that can think on their own. I'd welcome a chessie in my duck blind any day."

Bruce Hood & Olissia Stechishen
North Gower, Ontario
 For questions or information, please email:  
Our Chesapeakes

Ch Montauk's Copper Penny NS RN SH WCX WDX (Penny)
Female, Born Nov, 25, 2010, 65lbs, brown 
DM, EIC, PRA, Long Coat: Clear 
Hips: Good 
Elbows & CERF: Normal 

Penny is Northwind's foundation bitch. 

Northwind's Sassy Autumn Red NS RN JH WC (Sassy)
Female, Born Apr 11, 2015, 65 lbs, brown
DM, EIC, PRA, Long Coat: Clear
Hips: Good
Elbows & CERF: Normal

Ch Northwind's Big Prairie Sky JH WC (Mr. Blue) 
Male, Born Apr 11, 2015, 80lbs, deadgrass
DM, EIC, PRA, Long Coat: Clear
Hips: Good
Elbows & CERF: Normal

Powerful, but friendly and gentle as they come. Mr. Blue is a one-of-a- kind fun guy and a real talker.

Mr. Blue is available for stud to approved bitches. 

Northwind's First Light (Tango)
Female, Born Dec 24, 2018, brown

Tango is a very quick learner with good drive. She's already showing a lot of promise as a hunting retriever and hunt test dog

Sorry, we have no Northwind puppies available right now.
Please email inquiries to 
Northwind's Sassy Autumn Red NS RN JH WC (Sassy)
Sassy is a great all round dog and a lot of fun in the field and at home. She catches on very quickly, loves to hunt waterfowl and upland birds and is an excellent marker, with a great nose. Quiet in the house, Sassy likes to be close and enjoys a good belly rub.

MNH Dockcove's Cock-A-Doodle-Doo QFTR ***(Rooster)
 Rooster, was the sire of Sassy's Christmas 2018 litter. He is a handsome deadgrass male weighing about 90 lbs and is an accomplished hunt test, field trial and hunting dog owned by Philip Williams of Dockcove Retrievers in Nova Scotia. Phillip hunts waterfowl in the ocean near his home well into winter. Like Sassy, Rooster has great health clearances. He has tested clear for DM, EIC and PRA and has excellent hips and normal elbows and eyes.
Northwind News
  • Mr. Blue will be featured on the cover of Brown Trout Publishing's 2020 Chesapeake Bay Retriever calendar!
  • Mr. Blue was shown in the Royal Canin - Crown Classic Dog Show Nov 30-Dec 2 and the Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Canada National Show Specialty on Dec 1. He was awarded Best of Opposite by Judge Michael Shoreman in the Saturday All Breed Show. Mr. Blue is well on his way to his Grand Champion conformation title. 
  • Penny, Sassy and Mr. Blue are featured in the 2019 Brown Trout Publishing Chesapeake Bay Retriever Calendar! This will be the third year that our dogs have been in the calendar.
  • On Nov 23, Sassy and Penny got their CKC Novice Sprinter titles in the mail.
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  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever Club of Canada:   
  • Canadian Kennel Club:  
  • American Chesapeake Club:   

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The Story of "Soup", the 1950's Chesapeake behind Northwind